New coins to mine

These users shared the digital currency by posting memes about this coin on the internet. The hype paid off really well and ended up putting this cryptocurrency among the top coins present in the market. In order to be competitive with other crypto miners, though, a cryptocurrency miner needs a computer with specialized hardware.

The best part is the mining of this coin involves minimal investment, unlike other heavy coins. Plus, the time taken to mine 1 block and qualify for reward is just less than 2 minutes (1.5 minutes). Many investors look to altcoin for higher risk-reward assets while considering BTC and ETH as blue-chip cryptocurrencies. Given the high risk of altcoins, investors should consider restricting them to a mini portion of their portfolio.


However, the rewards mined should reflect the inputted effort. Best of all, Vertcoin offers one of the easiest set-up processes. First, download the native Vertcoin mining software for your operating system.

  • What’s more, you can even mine Dogecoin with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
  • Always challenge your thesis and look for reasons why a project will crash, rather than information that confirms your existing bias.
  • While Litecoin isn’t as valuable as it once was, it’s still a respected crypto project.
  • So, investors still have the potential for fair gains without over-granting and exposing them to excessive downside.
  • Launched in 2017, Horizen and its native cryptocurrency ZEN is a proof-of-work, equihash-based cryptocurrency and is mineable with a GPU.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network incentivizing users to rent their storage space. Filecoin is mined through a consensus mechanism called Proof of Space-Time using specialized hardware called Filecoin Miners. Evaluate the long-term prospects and community support for the cryptocurrency. Some projects may be short-lived, while others have a strong and lasting presence. It’s possible to mine a wide variety of cryptocurrencies using GPU mining. Plus, one of the biggest advantages of GPU mining is that no matter if we’re in a bear or bull market, you can always choose to switch between the coins you want to mine.

New Cryptocurrencies on Existing Blockchains

While mining specific cryptocurrencies on mobile phones is possible, the limited computational power and potential hardware strain make it generally unprofitable and impractical. These are crypto coins and tokens recently listed on Coinranking, with their price and 24h trading volume. Once staked, BTCMTX tokens earn credits, which can be swapped for Bitcoin mining power. The stake-to-mine concept is proving popular – Bitcoin Minetrix has raised more than $11.4 million in presale funding.

New coins to mine

So, investors still have the potential for fair gains without over-granting and exposing them to excessive downside. Kaspa cryptocurrency was launched in the year 2021 with its implementation of the GHOSTDAG protocol, working on blockDAG for fast confirmation and high block rates. The Kaspa community projects it as a cryptocurrency that unfolds the blockchain trilemma which will stabilize security, speed and scalability. In the year 2023, this project encountered transformational developments including the switch to state-of-the-art ASIC miners. Additionally, it is essential to be updated on market trends and regulatory changes for navigating the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. By evaluating these key factors, investors can make informed and strategic decisions when considering altcoin investments.

GPU Mining cryptocurrencies – things to know before starting

It uses a Lyra2RE proof-of-work algorithm to verify transactions. This means that it’s designed to resist the development of specific hardware to use for mining purposes by large cryptocurrency mining operations. The miner is a graphical user interface (GUI) miner that facilitates mining for both CPU and GPU users.

It has the most holders and the largest market capitalization. Therefore, mining Bitcoin is worth exploring – if you have the financial means. PickAxe Mining Pool-If you don’t have much time to do research but still insist on mining something new then this is your best option. The people at this mining pool go above and beyond to protect miners from mining unpromising coins.

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